submissive maids, domestic servants, D/s

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A tribe to build community among BDSM, D/s, Domme, Dom & sub consenting adult persons who incorporate in their homelife clear roles of server and served (or aspire to create such a D/s home & lifestyle).

Not just sexual, not just BDSM in the bedroom, but domestic discipline, training, having properly-attired housekeepers, etc. who are required to serve their Mistresses & Masters courteously, respectfully, and well, or be disciplined.

This tribe's focus is on those who have, are setting up, or are training to serve within, an elegantly attended-to home. A revival of an older, more genteel & classy style of living, similar to the aesthetic sensibilities of Gosford Park, but with a more serious, D/s, BDSM enforced way of life (loved by the Doms, Dommes & subs alike).

Hopefully this tribe will bring together:

- Doms, Dommes, Couples who now have, or seriously intend to have proper domestic service;

- subs who are working in such positions;

- subs in between positions, looking for Dom singles or couples;

- subs with various levels of experience, but SERIOUS and notwasting the Doms' & Dommes' time, who aspire to find entré into such a world;

- subs already trained in past as maids, butlers, housemen, chauffeurs, etc. who will fit right into a D/s household.

This tribe is not for those wishing to acrimoniously, tediously, boringly (& off-topic), debate whether the D/s way of life is ok, not for those conflicted & undecided about whether D/s is for them, not a tribe for contentious, play-acting trouble-makers or voyeurs.

It's intended for those, Dom, Domme or sub, who are really sure this is the life for them, and serious about implementing it in Their existing home, or subs finding Others needed for complementary roles.

Also we may hopefully share ideas, resources, books, training info, elegant social dinners, more.

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Mary Ann Rabbit
SF Bay Area
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