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We are currently seeking to add one more servant to our current house staff.

This position is for a lower maid (answering to a higher maid). A more rounded explaination of duties is below. This would be the ideal position for someone looking to enter the world of Victorian service. We will provide all training and a uniform. This is not a paid position, though we do compensate our staff for expenditures (gas, etc). The ideal candadate would be a service oriented submissive, or someone that simply loves serving others in opulent Victorian surroundings.

What this is~ is Service, pure and true. We provide you with a safe nuturing environment in which to fully immerse yourself in service and both the opportunity and training to hone your skills.

What this is not, is BDSM. We do not engauge in any physical exchanges with our staff.

We will begin interviewing servant candidates in May 2008. Should you wish to be considered, please send your resume and references by April 25, 2008 (for your own privacy, please direct them to me, not the list). The resume need only be a summation of what you have done in the past that might be helpful/suited to such duties. Also include why you would like to be considered. Feel free to include anything else about yourself that you would like to share.

Include a phone number where I might speak with you real-time about our vision, hear what you’re looking for, and answer any questions you may have. If after the phone conversation, both parties are still interested in pursuing an interview, one will be scheduled.

Interviews will require that a strict safety protocol be followed, meaning that all interviewee's are either accompanied by a friend, or have a "safe call" in place. We value your safety and wish this experience to be a comfortable one for all involved.

For those of you whose dreams included belonging to a proper Victorian household where formal service, manners and protocol are “de rigueur”, that day has arrived.

I hope you will consider submitting yourself for consideration.



For your reference, here is a revised/condensed version of the original post:

My partner and I own a large Victorian and are actively seeking to staff our home with part-time domestic servants.

We will train/arrange training to candidates showing potential to serve in the truest Victorian sense. We regularly entertain a myriad of guests (some within the BDSM community, others in quite different circles) frequently and are seeking quality candidates with a sense of duty, a watchful eye to protocol, and a true love of service.

The particular station that we seek to fill is for a lower maid. As you might be gathering from my missive, we are focused on staffing our home as it was in the Victorian era.

Common scenarios involve serving afternoon Tea, serving at Dinner parties, as well as caring for the home in the capacity of a maid. You will be part of an established staff, some that have been a part of our household for years. Think of Gosford Park, The Grand, or other period works of literature that involve the visitation habits of the Gentry~ and then you will have a picture of where we are heading...

Does this stir a calling in your heart-of-hearts?
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